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Plastic & aesthetic surgery

Plastic surgery

To find harmony in life can be the most difficult task for a peraon. We are influenced by a cultural and social background, we are formed by our upbringing and family. And in no harmony there is a space for unpleasant tones. Next to one´s strengths there can also be a fly in the ointment - either an aesthetic issue or a congenital burden - a part of each of us. Our mission is to eliminate these defects. In most cases these problems can be solved and a successful result makes life more pleasant and improves its quality.Plastická chirurgie – Sanatorium ART

Our goal and wish is to give you back your beauty, health and self-confidence. Thus, it will be our pleasure if you confide to our care and we will solve the problem together.

Surgical procedures take place in the operating theatre which satisfies the strictest medical requirements. The procedures are carried out under local, conduction or general anaesthesia by erudite experts.

We use drugs which are best tolerated.

After the surgery under local anaesthesia a patient can either leave or is confined to bed for a short time. After the surgery under anaesthesia the stay is minimized to the most vital time of post-operative convalescence. During the whole stay we provide post-operative care with trained staff and a doctor.

Before you leave, if necessary, we will equip you with medication, arrange the date for a check-up and provide a contact for a doctor who you can consult possible problems with. Long-term checking care after more demanding operations is a matter of course. We pay attention to the efficiency of the surgery, we observe the quality of scars, etc. A professional approach and your satisfaction are paramount for us. Plastic surgery is performed by a team of experts led by MUDr. Tomáš Ventruba  who follows up the previous work of MUDr. Eva Šteflová

* Plastic and aesthetic surgery is not covered by the public health insurance.

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Currently performed plastic surgeries

Breast surgery

Breasts have been the symbol of feminity from time immemorial. And every woman wants to have beautiful breasts. To our clients we offer breast enlargement, breast reduction or breast modelling. 

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Tummy and hips

The surgery solves a problem of the loosened abdominal wall, both the skin and hypodermis and a problem of parted abdominal muscles.

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Redundant fat is removed in order to form one or more parts of the body. One of the most requested procedures.


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Lip augumentation

Do you long for beautiful and full lips? To our clients we offer lip augmentation by using several top methods. 

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Eyelid surgery

It solves problems with skin ageing in the area around eyes. It is carried out separately on upper and lower lids or concurrently.

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Face and neck

The principle of the surgery is to lift the skin in the neck area, mandible, lift the slackened cheeks.

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Aesthetic dermatology

Everything about aesthetic dermatology treatment. 

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Ear surgery

The surgery is based on modelling and fixation of the auricular cartilage in the correct position, i. e. tightening the auricles.

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Aesthetic medicine

Nose operation

The surgery solves a problem of individual shape deviations of the nose. The surgery is normally carried out as general..

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Forehead surgery

This surgery stretches the forehead skin together with hypodermic and muscle structures, it prevents from forming horizontal wrinkles...

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