Hair transplation

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Hair transplation

The principle of the surgery is to transfer genetically unharmed healthy hair follicles to the places without hair or balding parts. The intervention cannot be carried out with an insufficient donor area.

The back of the neck is used as a donor site where the hair is stronger, thicker and resistant against its own hormone. From this place a strip of skin with hair follicles is harvested. It should be wide enough to enable stitching up a wound so the skin and hair are joined completely. The length is determined by the required amount of follicles which are to be transfered. Minigrafts are created from the skin strip with hair follicles (they contain 2 - 5 follicles) and micrografts (1 - 2 follicles). They are then transfered individually to the required place. The space between the individual grafts should be big enough not to cause pushing each other away after the transfer.

The cosmetic result is good but it is not possible to reach normal hair density. At the bald sites it is necessary to graft the transplanted area after 6 months by repeating the intervention in order to reach a better result. This period of time is needed to loosen the skin at the donor site which is the same as before. Healing of the transfered grafts is very successful. We can generally guarantee that the hair will grow in the transplated area from now on.

Hair usually starts growing 3 months after the intervention. The number of grafts is determined by hair density in the donor area and the size of the area designated for transplantation. The intervention is carried out under local anaesthesia. It is time consuming - it takes from 4 to 8 hours according to the transplanted area. After the surgery a bandage is applied for 3 days, after its removal hair should be washed every day.

The stitches in the donor area are removed 10 days later. The post-operative course is connected with a swollen forehead and eyelids but it is almost painless.

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