Face and neck

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Face and neck

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The principle of this the surgery is to lift the skin in the neck area, mandible, lift the slackened cheeks. Superfluous loosened skin is removed. Not only the skin is stretched but also some inside lifting is done.

Face lifting done by meso threads

The best and long-lasting firming and revitalizing system for a face complexion.  


Lipofilling - filling of patient´s own fatty tissue

Face fillers of one´s own fatty tisue.




Reducing wrinkles and getting a youthful look can be reached without any surgery and scars by Botulotoxin A injection.

Plasma therapy TRAY LIFE

Behind the youth secret Tray LIFE, known also as Dracula´s therapy, is our own blood. The substances in blood have healthy effect on the skin recovery and slow down the process of ageing.


Lifting of eyebrows - Brow lift

Brightening of a face by surgical brow lifting.