Breast surgery

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Breast surgery

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Breast enlargement by means of breast implants - augmentation

This type of surgery is suitable for women with insufficiently developed breasts or slightly loosened breasts where the loss of shape occured, e. g. after breast feeding or weight loss.  


Breast reduction - reduction mammaplasty

Breast reduction is a solution for women with a large bust. It is carried out mainly for health reasons - backache, etc.

Breast modelling and breast lift - mammaplasty

Breast modelling restores the original breast shape and perfects the loosened and slackened bust. The changes in the breast shape occur after childbirth and breastfeeding in particular although also after a more significant weight loss.

Change and removal of breast implants - reaugmentation

If you are not satisfied with the result of the surgery from a different clinic, we will be happy to help you to retrieve the situation. 

Correction of inverted nipples

It is carried out in case of atypical nipples which are retracted into the breast.

Breast surgery for men - gynecomastia

Correction of enlarged breast tissue in men.