Donor programme

Sanatorium ART České Budějovice

Donor programme

Dárcovství Sanatorium ART České BudějoviceDespite the state of the art technical procedures a certain group of women stays infertile. From the conventional reasons they cannot be included in the standard IVF programmes as their ovaries cannot produce oocytes or they risk genetic abnormalities of the born babies.

In such cases donor programmes of sperm and oocytes have their turn. For a treated couple they represent huge stress, on the other hand even the couples, who would otherwise have no chance to have their own descendants, are enabled to have them. Sperm and oocyte donation is subject to strict legislation and is based on the solidarity of donors with a recipient, none of the concerned parties make profit from it. Female and male donors get compensation only for proven expenses incurred. For the evaluation of the donors´suitability there are strict criteria which guarantee a minimum health risk to a recipient and future children. In the Czech republic the donation is mutually anonymous, pieces of information about donors have been kept in cell tissue facilities for 30 years.


At our clinic sperm can be donated by every young man at the age from 20 - 40 with minimum secondary-school education, in good health, without a genetic burden, with normal BMI (body mass index), heterosexual. He should be a non-smoker, without addiction to alcohol, drugs or pharmaceuticals. Last but not least his seminogram count must be as required and he must be willing to cooperate. We have our own sperm bank, donors are strictly selected and examined. Only 20 % of all applicants for donation pass the strict criteria. Sperm from the selected donors can be used for egg fertilization or insemination up to 6 months after their freezing. From one donor´s semen maximum 6 children can be born. All donors are Caucasian and of the Czech nationality.

For a recipient we always try to choose the donor who meets her requirements fully and who takes after one or both parents in basic features. It is necessary to take into account that the options are limited, though. Therefore, new donors are always welcome so we can guarantee maximum variability and diversity. If you know a young man who fulfils the above-mentioned criteria and is willing to help, do not hesitate and give him our phone number. You will help yourself, too.


EmbryoEggs can be donated by every young woman at the age from 22 - 35, in good health, without a genetic burden, with normal BMI. She should be a non-smoker, without addiction to alcohol, drugs or pharmaceuticals. As well as in case of a male donor, she must be willing to cooperate as egg donation is more complicated and for a female donor the whole process is more demanding and stressful than for a male donor. As well as a male donor, a female donor is thoroughly examined and screened. A suitable donor undergoes the same ovarian hyperstimulation like in case of a patient during infertile couple treatment.

After oocyte fertilization in vitro it is possible to insert the developing embryo in the uterus of an infertile woman. In case she is not able to produce her own hormones, her reproductive system must be prepared in advance for acceptance of an embryo by serving hormonal preparations.

As well as in case of male donors, we try to assure certain appearance similarity between a donor and a recipient or her partner but it is not always possible due to an insufficient number of suitable donors and a long waiting time of recipients. We welcome every potential donor who fulfils at least above-mentioned parameters and is willing to help at the expenses of her time and comfort.