Sanatorium ART České Budějovice


The surgery is based on the modelling and fixation of the auricular cartilage into the correct position, i. e. tightening the auricles. It is carried out under local anaesthesia as an outpatient surgery. Healing in the bandage takes 10 days in children, 12 - 14 days in adults. The scar is located at the back of the auricle and if healed well, it is almost unnoticeable.

The lower age limit is around 5 years of age but if a child is not willing to cooperate, the surgery cannot be carried out under local anaesthesia, the surgery then can be performed under general anaesthesia. The upper age limit is restricted to the health condition. In children the post-operation process is not painful as in adults. Not only prominent auricles can be corrected surgically, but also the size of auricles or various shape deviations.

The replacement of congenitally or accidentally missing parts or entire auricle is performed in special clinics and is covered by the public health insurance.

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